LED Shoebox/Area light with Selectable Wattage -200W

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5000K based with DLC 5.1,UL
100W/150W/200W Power Tunable
0-10V dimming / 5 years Warranty
30000LM /Average Life 50000H
Color Temperature:

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LED Shoebox / Area light with Selectable Wattage

Introducing our new, cost-effective, high efficiency area lighting solution. The Selectable LED Shoebox Area Light is designed to withstand wind, vibrations, and the elements, while placing a light load on the energy grid—and your lighting bill. This fixture also qualifies for money-saving rebates and tax incentives.

  • Rugged, die-cast aluminum housing sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants
  • Low wind load thanks to compact, low EPA (effective projected area) design
  • 3G vibration rated to withstand higher levels of vibration from wind, machinery, traffic, or seismic activity without experiencing performance issues or damage
  • Install these lights near highways, bridges, industrial areas, and areas with heavy construction activity without worry
  • Available with or without a receptacle for the installation of a photosensor. (Receptacle version comes with a shorting cap.)
  • Wattage-selectable feature allows you to set the best light output for your application during installation
  • Flow-through ventilation model of thermal management ensures extended component life
  • Built-in surge protection safeguards your investment
  • Contact us if you need EPA information for this light. Let us know the mounting configuration and tilt.

Order Selectable LED Shoebox Area Lights for your outdoor area lighting application today.

Wattage(s) 100W/150W/200W
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 150 lm/W
Average Lamp Life 50,000 hours
Color Temperature(s)
CRI 70
Dimming 0-10V
Base Type Fixture
Beam Angle T3(pushes light forward)
Working Environment Outdoor 
Light Type Wired Fixture
Input Voltage 100~277VAC 
Temperature Rating -40°F to 113°F
Housing Material Rugged, sealed die-cast aluminum housing with 3G vibration rating
Housing Color Dark Bronze
Qty in Package 1
Dimensions 13.14‘’ x 12.44‘’ x 2.95‘’ Without bracket
Weight 200W Model: 11.7 LBS
Certification DLC 5.1,UL 
Warranty  5 Years 

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